Gopal Metro Studios

Gopal Metro sat down at his first mixing console in 1995 and fell in love with audio engineering. Ever since, he has been honing and refining his craft to razor fine quality, with the express mission to help make your music the best it can be.

He has had the joy and pleasure of learning from Grammy Award winning producer Kevin McNoldy of Cphonic and the incredibly brilliant John Morand of Sound of Music, both of whom have well over 100 engineering credits to their names. The skills he gained from studying with these masters will nurture and support your record as it grows.

Gopal has also run front-of-house sound for Grammy Award Nominees Krishna Das and Jai Uttal and the Billboard Hot 100 and Deutsch Alternative Charts toppers The Cruxshadows, amongst many, many others. Every ounce of the experience gleaned from these many trials by fire create a bedrock of sound knowledge on which he will build your song’s final form.

He also has 15 records of his own, giving him a first-hand artist’s view of the recording process and allowing him to stay in tune with your needs as an artist.

Gopal now runs Gopal Metro Studios, a mixing studio where he mixes, re-mixes, produces and masters songs and albums using state of the art tools. While he has mixed albums for artists across a broad spectrum of styles and genres, including singer-songwriter, gospel, hip-hop, EDM, blues, metal,  and spoken word, due to his unique upbringing and experience, he highly specializes in kirtan, gothic rock, post-punk and industrial.

He continues to refine his craft within the PureMix and Slate Academy families, so rest assured that your music will always receive the absolute best service that can be given.

Gopal’s pleasure and joy is helping you take your music from demo to perfection.

Interior photograph of Gopal Metro Studios