In 1984, Skinny Puppy booked a series of recording sessions at Mushroom Studios in Vancouver, Canada where Dave “Rave” Ogilvie engineered and produced their first official EP, “Remission.”⁠

Ogilvie is an Industrial music powerhouse. He has had a very heavy hand in the sound of many of the biggest names in the scene, including Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, Front Line Assembly, Ministry and Marilyn Manson. However, his formative work was with Skinny Puppy.⁠

Listening with a critical ear, the mix engineering on “Remission” is a work of art. Ogilvie’s ingenious abuse of the tr-909 is legendary. But, the vocal treatment on Remission is particularly brilliant. ⁠

So much of the movement on the record is tied to the vocal effects. Every song uses multiple delays, digital reverbs, analog chambers, Doppler effects, reversed leads, “robot” effects, fader rides and more. Crafting the sound of this record (and, truly, all of his works) required vision and precision. ⁠

He took the chaotic sound of the band and made sense of it. By doing so, he created a masterpiece that is still cited by many as one of the best industrial records ever made.⁠

Your album deserves vision, precision and attention. At Gopal Metro Studios, we’ll give that to you. ⁠

So, let’s make your album a lasting work of art.⁠

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