The Cure / Phil ThornalleyPornography⁠

Generally accepted as The Cure’s darkest record, Robert Smith called Pornography, “A journey into hell.”

The recording of the album and the supporting tour that followed almost killed the band and, again in his own words, it took years for Smith to fully recover from the drug induced mania of the time.⁠

However, like so many of The Cure’s early albums, it was an engineering masterpiece. A stark, brooding, grim and forlorn masterpiece.⁠

While Smith maintained creative control of the recording process, he hired Phil Thornalley to produce the record at RAK Studios in London. At 22, Thornally was young, but he already had a few big credits to his name, including work with The Psychedelic Furs and Duran Duran.⁠

By all accounts, moods were dark, drugs were used, the drums were huge, and, like all good tortured albums, at least some of the vocals were recorded in a filthy bathroom with perfectly atmospheric reverberation.⁠

Truly, the absolutely stark, sparse, cavern-the-size-of-a-canyon sonic vibe has created an unforgettable record that sits high on my top 100 albums of all time.

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